Friday, February 4, 2011

Enter the world of Making. First Stop, 3D Printers!

This is the year, the year where people start understanding all the thing I've been ranting about for the past year. The year the 3D printer goes MAINSTREAM! OK, maybe that's asking for a little much, but I expect big things for the 3D printing hobby this year.

The year 2010 might have been the year for MakerBot's, but the real vision in 3D printing (IMO) is with the RepRap project. I'm just shocked at how there aren't more people in the know about it. Self-replicating robots that make things?! What's there not to like about that?

So to lend a hand, I am offering sets of parts to make your own 3D printer! It's a shame to see the prices around the internet for sets. Cheapest set I could find on eBay was for approx. $99, so I'll start $1 on top (not to brag, but my print quality is pretty good). If you are trying to get a set for your hackerspace/node/makerspace/etc. or educational institution, please contact me (special pricing for you!). Also, I am still trying to source hardware parts (nuts,bolts, etc.) so as soon as that works itself out, that'll be available as well.

Every 3D printer sold helps to sustain my ability to crank out more sets. Ultimate goal is to create a RepRap farm to really drive costs down. The longterm target is to be able to get sets of RepRap down to $50 - $75, lower barrier of entry = more people with printers = more people making things = ???? (fill in with something everyone finds desirable).

Go take a look, current offerings are of the Prusa Mendel only. If you would like an alternative, feel free to contact me (Huxley, Sells Mendel, etc.). Having 4 personal 3D printers on hand does have its perks after all!

Imperial Prusa Mendel

My current area of interest in personal manufacturing lies withing 3D printers at the moment, but I have also invested in creating a CNC router and a laser cutter within this year. In the meantime, feel free to check out the best DIY resource I can find for CNC routers at And for the laser cutter, please check out (maybe even help fund them while you're there!).

Hardware kit from

3D printers RIGHT NOW! --> CNC Router --> Laser-cutter...that's the plan for now. Oh and of course I'll try and provide whatever kits I can in the process. Just check in often in the store.

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