Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update of things in the work flow...

Well, seeing as the second build class has been post-poned, I guess I better find something else to talk about. How about we get back to the point of this blog? What have I been up to?

Well, I've been working on making machines that make more machines (or at least more things!). Current project on hand is the MTM (Machines that Make project from MIT) Snap. It is a small form factor mill cut from 1/2" HDPE. So why the name "Snap"? That is a result of the fastening mechanism of this machine. You won't find nuts and bolts holding this little baby together. What you will find is the following mechanism:

Yeah, its pretty much the same mechanism as a buckle. Pretty nifty and def one of those "Why didn't anyone do this SOONER?!" kinda ordeals. But yeah, I got most of it cut out and assembled, just waiting on a few more components and I should be ready to mill some PCB's! I'll post pics as things develop to a point where I want to show someone, until then, hold tight.

Nonetheless, you can find the knitty gritty details and specs of the machine (as well as maybe make your own?) here.

I'm def finding myself more and more intrigued by MIT's MTM Project, next target is going to be the super awesome FAB-in-A-BOX! One machine to do it all! Sounds good to me.

Also, for all you fab labbers that happened to still stay tuned to my rants, I have established a Fab Lab IRC channel (Freenode server), come and join. ATM, there is hardly anyone on it, let's fix that!

That's all for now...until next time...

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