Monday, May 9, 2011

Quick Update

Whoever knew keeping up a blog was such a difficult task. Sorry I've been quiet for a little bit, been busy in the world of 3D printing goodness.

Unloading at the Rayburn House
Last week was 3D/DC, an event organized by Michael Weinberg of Please check out the RepRap blog post by Wade Bortz (yes, the WADE of the extruder fame) for a quick recap and photos. PublicKnowledge also has a highlight reel that you might also want to check out.

All in all it was a good day for 3D printing in general. In attendance were the "luminaries" of the 3D printing industry, from the closed source to the open source end of the spectrum.

Finally got a chance to put some real faces to IRC tags (drgone, jebba, etc.) and also a good chance to get in on some free BOOZE! Good times. It's great to be out and about with like minded individuals, I look forward to similar events in the future.

That same week was also RobotFest, the mid-Atlantic mini-Maker Faire. I was there representing RepRap yet again. Found myself nearby the awesome folks at MakerBot yet again. Us 3D printing have got to stick together after all, right?

Quick pic of getting things setup:
RepRap Representing
Who wouldn't be intersted in self-replicating robots?!
Still working on the build class in case you are wondering. Turns out I might just fund the entire class myself. Registration will be through my blog as well. So if you are interested, stay tuned for registration opening (a maximum of 10 spots will be available, groups of 3 are welcome!). I know a lot of you have been anxious to get one of these built and in your hands/home...Just a bit longer, I PROMISE!

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