Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Well, the title pretty much sums it up. 100% print rate! All printers were extruding by the end of the event and participants left with their RepRaps in hand and heads held high.

In one weekend, we increase the RepRap population by a whole 1%! Ok, maybe thats an exaggerationg, but a nice addition to the community nonetheless.

This was the first of now/soon to be many build classes across the eastern shore of the U.S. From my knowledge, this was the first of any "official" RepRap Build Class. I am now in talks for a build class in the VA/MD area for the weekend of July 24th and talks have also begun for a build event in Philledalphia in August and Washington, DC for September.

Seems like I might have lit a match in a room full of RepRap gas. I have been approached by many folks throughout the US in hopes of securing a build event in their city. People are coming out of the wood works and want RepRap 3D pritners in their homes! THIS IS AWESOME!

Thanks again to Stever Kelly, Jordan Miller, and Chris Thompson and most importantly my UNCLE! Together we are one super, awesome, bad ass team of RepRappers. Really appreciate the time and dedication you put into the build class.

And thank you all the folks that participate as students, thank you for making this event a huge success and I hope you enjoy your 3D printers in your home.

Time lapse video!

Keep your eyes peeled, "RRWT Coming to a Town Near You SOON!"

To All Students of the RRWT Baltimore: Join the Google Group! Facebook Group! IRC Channel! Whatever else you find that is RepRap or 3D printer related.

I'll post pics later, this is already way over due.

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