Thursday, June 30, 2011

RRWT #2 - McLean, VA

Hot off the heels of the first RRWT, working in conjunction with the Northern Virginia RepRap Users Group (NoVA RRUG), Palantir Technologies and VaMakers, I am happy to announce the registration opening of the second stop in the RRWT, McLean, VA!

I would like to take this moment to thank Jason Kohles, of Palantir Technologies for allowing us to gain access to his company's superb facilitiy, and Travis Good for organizing the bulk of this event. Thank you gentlemen for all your planning! Not only is this increasing the population of RepRap's worldwide, but it also helps in establishing a larger community of 3D printers in the NoVA region, but also promotes the Maker mentality through the region (shout out goes to the recent hackerspace, ReverseSpace!).

So where is this event specifically? Here is where:
Palantir Technologies

1660 International Drive
8th Floor
McLean, VA 22102

A few pics of the facilities here:

YES! WOW INDEED! The workspace is absolutely awesome! That being the bottom most photo. All condiments will be moved from the tables (right, Jason?)

So onto the more interesting tidbits. How much will this course cost? If you sign up early (before July 8th), the cost of this course is $1,000, after that date prices will be $1,200 up until the week of the event.

What does you kit include:

- RP Parts
- LM8UU Bearings
- HW bits and rods
- Electronics
- Motors
-12V 30A PSU
- 1# of PLA
- MakerGear Hot end
- Hands on instruction and guidance
- Machined couplings

I learned a lot from the first  build class and have made some improvements to the design. This new machine is going to be AWESOME! (in case you haven't noticed, I like to use the word "Awesome!" a lot, bear with me)

When is this all happening? 
Mark you calendars, the dates are July 22 - July 24th

5 hours for Friday the 22nd of July
12 hours for Saturday/Sunday the 23rd and 24th of July

That's all for a ~30 hour build session (Thanks, Travis)! I'll post more details and send them out to folks as they get registered. On that note, registration will be open later this evening. Please include all information I ask of you when registering. The nature of the facility we will be using has some security procedures we must follow in order to be on site (it'll just consist of your name, you address and phone number...stuff you would have already given me anyways).

Feel free to ask me any questions at all. I know specifics might be lacking, but feel free to look at the previous post for a gist of how things will work and tools you might need. The itinerary is the same, we just made improvements to the kit and are working out of a new location.


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